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Pr'Line Mountain Site


This photo of Pr'Line Mt. comes from Jan Cooper. The buildings listed below are as he remembers when he was there.

# 1 the guard house at the gate.
# 2 the heli-pad.
# 3, 4 and 5 are the long lines installation (billboard antennae link to Thailand).
# 6 has to be the billboard antennae. I donít remember any building there.
# 7 storage for motor pool supplies ( oil, diesel, gasoline, etc).
# 8 the motor pool.
# 9 the CO's office and the officer's quarters.
# 10 medic's hooch
# 11 microwave hooches. In 1968 -1970 one was the microwave installation.
(The hooch touching 11 is the hooch where the idiot was playing with explosives and killed four guys in 1970).
# 12 the mess hall was when I was there. Those 2 baby Quonset huts weren't there.
# 13 behind the mess hall was the VHF van. Next to it was a single hooch for the Mess Sgt.
# 14 the day room and EM club. Until the new EM club was built in the vicinity of # 27.
# 15, 16 and 17 the security platoon's hooches (MP's).
# 18 the shower.
# 19 hooches for Security platoon and signal guys. I lived in the hooch touching #19.
# 20, 21 and 22 Signal Corp hooches.
# 22 (the lower one) fuel storage shed for the generators.
# 23 the Tropo installation.
# 24 the generator shed.
# 25 the well house. There was a deep water well there until Charlie sabotaged it in 1969.
# 26 the berm and out in front of it was a mine field.
Between #26 and #1 was where the ARVNs and Montegnard hooches were when they rotated to the site for security.
# 27 believe it or not, was hooches for addition microwave personnel.
In 1969 - 1970 Pr'line was viewed as a SAFE SITE . (The idiot playing with the explosives lived in one of those hooches.

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