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556th. Signal Company
APO 96204
15 October 1970
PLATOON SGT: SFC Alfred C. Chapman ASS'T PLT SGT: SSG Pettit
SSG Pettegrew, B. *SGT Stevens, J. *SP5 Johnson, H. *
SGT Chabre, C.J. *SP4 Hibbitts, B. *SP5 Davenport
SGT Stancil, G. *SGT JonesSP5 Moody
SP5 Coonrod, R. *SP4 Bausermann (BaoL)SP5 Deluca, D. *
SP5 Hyatt, D. *SP4 Dourty (Security)SP5 Weber
SP5 EricksonSP4 Lewis, S.SP5 Knight, E. *
SGT Weining (LBM)SP4 MartinezSP4 West (Security)
SP5 ReamsSp4 Rice (Security)SP4 Huckabee
SP4 Frist (Security)Sp4 Rodriquez, D.SP4 Rodillas
SP4 MarroquinSP4 Costello, M. *SP4 Wright
SP4 ZapataPFC McCarthy, P. *SP4 Lemon
SP4 KerboPFC MechlingSP4 Stankiewicz, S. *
SP4 GordonPFC Teal (Ghia N)SP4 Strubbel, M.
SP4 Martinez, D.PFC Henry, G.M.SP4 Collins
PFC WhitmanPFC Perry (Security)SGT Martinez (Supply)
* This person has been locatedSP4 Valsquez (Supply)

Additional Members of the 556th. Signal Company
Ralph Parrott *Patrick Purcell *James Fears *
Richard Slocum *Michael Underhill *Jan Cooper *
John Norman *Ed Ranick *Mike Burger *